Confindustria Genova and Dixet - Club of technological companies - have decided to work together to the Project "GENOA 2021 the City of Technology ".

Genoa has an industrial structure in high technology based on electronic-computing platform, with unique characteristics in Italy.

It is characterized by a high density of manufacturing industries and for the presence of four strategic segments: large companies of the Finmeccanica Group, large foreign multinational companies, medium-sized, small and very small technological companies and start-ups.

The 2021 project was born from an idea of a group of companies this is the peculiarity and specificity of this initiative.

In order to make of Genoa within 2021 " The City of Technology", the Association aims to:

    • promote dialogue between organizations operating in Genoa and having the same mission and object and to implement specific moments of deepening on their activities;

    • enable effective sharing with institutions, in particular universities, public research centers ( IIT CNR ) and institutions ( State , City , Port Authority , and Chamber of Commerce);

    • facilitate the establishment of collaborative relationships and networking among technological companies, especially among large , medium , small and micro enterprises (including start-up which , despite having a large potential in employment and in innovation, need practical support to grow ). This " network " must be understood not only in terms of Liguria but also in a European perspective;

    • facilitate cooperation between high-tech companies and the world of work , especially if young and adequately skilled;

    • focus on the full implementation of the Science and Technological Park Erzelli: a project promoted by entrepreneurs and characterized by innovative features and international level;

    • promote and encourage the participation of high-tech system to the Ligurian Community research programs Horizon 2014-2020.

in accordance with local, National and European institutions, Genoa 2021 would like to receive, within 2021, the recognition of "Genoa, European City of Technology" and, to this end, undertake, organize and / or participate to different initiatives and events.